Visit Menton

Menton is the ideal destination for a stay between the sea and the mountains. Discover the opulence of a wild flora and a strong historical and cultural heritage. The Menton area will make you feel in another world.

Bathed in the sun all year long, Menton offers an ideal atmosphere for your holidays.

Menton’s historial area

Take the rue Longue, the main road of the town, to go to Parvis Saint-Michel. You will plunge in the heart of an open air opera décor. The square is surrounded by the baroque facades of the Basilique Saint-Michel and the small chapel of the Immaculée-Conception. An Italian styled décor faces the sea. Menton is the first « Ville d’Art et d’Histoire » on the Côte d’Azur.

Located behind the old port, the Halles municipales ultimate place of life of the locals. Encounter the local producers to taste the lemons, but also the Barba Juan, the fougasse, the pichade and the tian.

The Menton coastline

Menton is characterized by its narrow streets directed straight towards the sea. The town is primarily a sea resort. You will have the occasion to relax on the Sablettes beach, for example, which is located close to the port. It is the largest beach in Menton.

You also have the choice between the beach of Garavan, the Casino or Fossan. For the lovers of walks next to the sea, there are many coastal pathways in our region. For example, the coastal path that goes from Menton to Ventimiglia, in Italy.

Menton, the capital of Lemon

A lovely legend describes the origin of the town of Menton and its symbol, the lemon. Eve, driven out of Paradise with Adam, stole a golden fruit. Adam, fearing the Divine Wrath, told her to throw the fruit away. She buried the fruit in Menton.

Menton enjoys a unique climate in France, suitable to the growth of lemons. The symbol of the town is spotlighted every year in February during the Fête du Citron. Discover the importance of the lemon in Menton by visiting the citrus garden of the palais de Carnolès or the citronneraie du Mas Flofaro.

Extraordinary gardens in the Menton area

During the winter, starting from mid November, the town sees the blooming of its most beautiful flowers. Menton, the garden town, overflows with varieties of plants that delight the travelers. The town has a large quantity of extraordinary gardens.

The exotic garden of the Serre de la Madone is unmissable if you stop in Menton. Also discover the sumptuous palm garden Maria Serena that perfectly illustrates the beauty of the Riviera. The Val Rahmeh tropical garden or the collection of the gardens Fontana Rosa are worth the detour. The aesthetics, the colors and the fragrances of these gardens make them exceptional places.